Tips & Tricks are a series of thought-provoking recommendations for activism within communities.

For many years we've been supporting community activists and academics to better understand each other’s situations and ways of working. Following an event with these groups in 2014, we developed two sets of 20 recommendations: ‘Tips and Tricks from community activists’ and ‘Tips and Tricks for academics working with communities’.  We then went on to work with the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) in 2015 to develop a set of 20 recommendations for Living Labs working with citizens.

Wisdom and advice includes remembering that experts should be ‘on tap, not on top’ and that you must 'expect the unexpected...' All of the recommendations are represented by coloured illustrations and can be purchased in poster format or as a set of square cards. 

Whether you use them as a workplace resource, a discussion-starter or a reflection tool, we hope these Tips & Tricks inspire you to start new conversations and see the ‘everyday’ with fresh eyes.